To date, the Common Waters Fund has distributed over $970,000 to 101 private forest owners in Monroe, Pike and Wayne counties in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Orange and Sullivan counties in New York, and Sussex and Warren counties in New Jersey. Together these landowners represent over 53,000 acres of high priority forestland. Grants to forest owners were used to develop forest management plans and implement sustainable management practices that protect water quality.

In the latest round of funding, the Fund also worked with regional land trusts to permanently conserve almost 1,500 acres of land by defraying the legal expenses of placing conservation easements on six properties.

A summary of the number and kind of projects and the disbursement of funds so far can be seen in the tables below.

Common Waters Projects by County: Round 1
Landowner projects Easement projects Timber bridge projects Total projects Total acreage enrolled
Monroe, PA 9
Wayne, PA 24
Pike, PA 18 1
Sullivan and Orange, NY 34 4
Delaware, NY 8
Sussex and Warren, NJ 8 1
Total Landowners 101 101 52,284
Easements 6 6 1,429
Timber Bridges 2 2
Total, All
109 53,713
Funding for Common Waters Projects: Round 1
Landowner funding Plan funding Practice funding Easement funding Timber bridge funding Total funding
Monroe, PA $60,312
Wayne, PA $113,523
Pike, PA $199,413
Sullivan and Orange, NY $280,919
Delaware, NY $76,793
Sussex and Warren, NJ $58,663
Total Landowners $789,623 $408,912 $380,711 $789,623
Easements $170,781 $170,781
Timber Bridges $10,365 $10,365
Total, All $970,769