Adaptation to Climate Change

The Upper Delaware River Basin, like many other watersheds, spans multiple states and jurisdictions and is home to diverse stakeholders. The Common Waters partnership has led efforts to understand and share information about the impacts of climate change on both the natural resources and the different stakeholders in the region. The partnership has also prepared information on strategies for improving community resilience—the capacity to respond to and recover from disturbances—and adapting to climate change.

These publications provide a starting point for learning about the impacts of changing weather patterns on natural resources, communities, and businesses across the region.

Building Resilience provides an overview of climate change impacts and key strategies for adapting to these changes.

Helping your Woodland Adapt (SugarSync link) focuses on forest management strategies in a changing climate. For more information on managing your forestland, including a webinar and suggested contacts, click here.

Adapting to a Changing Climate is a detailed climate adaptation plan for the Upper Delaware River region.

Resilient Communities and Streams (SugarSync link) focuses on climate impacts on freshwater resources, including issues such as flooding, infrastructure damage, and aquatic habitat.