Why should I have a Forest Stewardship Plan written for my property?

Long-term planning is important for setting and accomplishing the goals you have for your forestland. The national Forest Stewardship Program was developed to help private landowners plan and meet their goals and maximize the health and productivity of forests for people and wildlife. The program provides information, education, and technical assistance to help private forest landowners manage their natural resources sustainably.

To complete a Forest Stewardship Plan, you will work with a professional forester, who can assess the current state of the resources on your property and recommend strategies to achieve your goals, whether they are aesthetic, economic, or recreational. This process will help you learn about forest issues and management options and enable you to make better decisions regarding your land. Other benefits of working with a forester and enrolling in the Forest Stewardship Program include access to cost-share programs and to networks of resource professionals and other forest landowners.

In addition, if you have a written management plan for your property, it can open up eligibility for other forest management, certification, and tax relief programs. Learn more about these programs here.

Even if you are not interested in managing your woods for timber production, there are many things you can do to improve the health of your land to meet whatever goals you may have. Read more about why and how you can manage your forest land here.

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