Getting Started

GENERAL: Before beginning your application for funding from the Common Waters Fund (CWF) you should visit the website ( and review the program eligibility criteria, funding categories, application instructions, project selection criteria, and frequently asked questions. You should also check the website to determine where your work occurs in relation to the Common Waters Fund Priority Funding Areas. Only operators whose work takes place within the Upper Basin counties will be eligible for funding. Alternatively, you can visit or call the Common Waters Fund program coordinator in your county (contacts provided below) for information about the program and assistance to help you determine if you are eligible.

If you think you are eligible for funding through the program after visiting the Common Waters website, follow the instructions below to complete the application process for funding. If you have questions about your eligibility, you may contact the CWF Program Coordinator at the Pike County Conservation District, Susan Beecher: (570) 226-8220; [email protected]

1. You must attend a workshop on the design and use of portable timber bridges. Once you have attended the workshop you may complete the application for Portable Timber Bridge Funding.

2. If you have questions or need help fi lling out the application, make an appointment to visit the Common
Waters Fund County Coordinator in your county (optional but encouraged).

  • Pike County, PA: Pike County Conservation District
  • Wayne County, PA: Wayne Conservation District
  • Monroe County, PA: Monroe County Conservation District
  • Sullivan, Orange, and Delaware Counties, NY: Catskill Forest Association or Sullivan County Soil & Water Conservation District (Sullivan/Orange Counties only)
  • Sussex County, NJ: Sussex County Soil Conservation District
  • Warren County, NJ: Warren County Soil Conservation District

3. All operators will need to provide a copy of their business license number or Employer Identifi cation Number (EIN) at the time of application, and proof of insurance. An application will not be accepted or considered complete without this documentation.

4. Submit your application to the County Coordinator.

5. Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis; you will be notifi ed if your application has been approved for funding within a month of your application submittal.

6. Once you are notifi ed that your application has been approved for funding, you will receive a contract agreement to sign and return agreeing that you will carry out the work contained in your application. You can begin work to construct or purchase a bridge immediately upon signing the contract. The bridge must be constructed or purchased within six months upon execution of the contract and it must be utilized on at least two harvests in the priority area counties between June 2011 and September 2012, unless an exception is granted at the time of contract signing.

7. You will receive your payment once the bridge has been constructed or purchased and is verifi ed by a CWF County Coordinator or Forester. When you or your contractor(s) have completed the work, email or call the Common Waters Fund contact listed in your contract. The Common Waters Fund will conduct a site visit to verify the bridge meets the specifi cations in your contract and notify the Common Waters Fund contract officer that the work is complete. You should receive your check within one month of project verifi cation and approval by the Common Waters Fund.

8. You must contact CWF or the CWF County Partner when the bridge will be used on the fi rst two stream crossings, and provide them with the location information for verifi cation of its use.