Eligible Costs

The following costs are eligible for funding under the Common Waters Fund:

  • Baseline documentation costs (such as a list of flora and fauna of interest, photographs of the property, topographic and soils mapping)
  • Customary legal fees
  • Monitoring, stewardship, and legal defense funds (typical maximum of $15,000; may exceed $15,000 for extraordinary and large properties)
  • Phase I environmental assessment
  • Recording of deed of conservation easement
  • Signs
  • Survey
  • Title search
  • General staff support for easement related activities (capped at 10% of total grant request)

These are the only eligible costs that will be considered for grants for donated and purchased conservation easements under this grant program. Eligible costs incurred by the applicant after the expiration date of the applicable grant contract will not be reimbursed by the Common Waters Fund and will be the sole responsibility of the applicant.

Grant applications will include an estimate of costs associated with the establishment of the conservation easement. Grants will be made consistent with these estimates. At the conclusion of the grant contract, the applicant must provide the Common Waters Fund with a full accounting of how the funds were allocated and spent. Any remaining funds at the end of the grant period will be forfeited to the Common Waters Fund.

Maximum Grant Requests

The maximum grant for a typical application is $25,000.
For extraordinary or very large easements, the maximum grant is $50,000.

In Pike County, applicants must also submit applications to the Pike County Scenic Rural Character Preservation Board for funding through the County’s Donated Conservation Easement Grant Program if they are applying for funding for a donated easement. For donated easements, the Common Waters Fund program will fund costs that are not supported or under supported by the Pike County program. Common Waters will also consider projects that were rejected by the Pike County program because of the differing priorities of the two programs. The maximum funding for donated easements in Pike County from the Common Waters Fund Program is $25,000. Grants for purchased easements have the same criteria in Pike County as in other counties.