Partnership Mission and Priorities

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The mission of Common Waters is to conserve clean water, natural places, and working lands through cooperation, scientific research, education, and technical assistance by and for the stakeholders of the region. The partnership strives to facilitate information sharing through joint publications and shared web delivery systems and establishing a communications network across municipal, county, state, and federal boundaries via regular forums and cooperative research projects.

The Delaware River is a unique resource. From the forests in its headwaters to its outlet into the Atlantic Ocean, it is a critical resource to rural, suburban, and urban communities in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware.

The river provides $25 billion to the economy annually providing clean water for agriculture, food production, electricity, breweries, pharmaceutical companies, water utilities, and recreational activities, such as white-water canoeing and kayaking, ski areas, and golf courses. The fresh waters of the Delaware keep salt water out of the wells in downstream cities like Philadelphia, Camden, and Trenton and provide clean drinking water supplies to some 16.2 million people.

With the objective of facilitating a proactive stance on maintaining this vital resource, Common Waters was formed in 2007. Through this partnership, regional stakeholders are leveraging their knowledge and networks to encourage cross-boundary collaboration, communication, and joint problem solving. Common Waters is creating a basin-wide community dedicated to working together.