Partnership Meeting Notes - January 2014

William Penn Foundation initiative – Partners have submitted proposals pertaining to their "clusters" that are going before their Board on January 17. We should know soon after that what was approved. Most of the work planned for the Pocono-Kittatinny Cluster (PKC) overlaps closely with the partnership's work, so expect a lot of activity and updates over the next few months as the PKC work gets going. Pinchot proposed support for a cluster coordinator who would serve as the main point of contact and liaison between the cluster and partnership.
Cluster plan (September 2013)

Common Waters Fund – Pilot funding has been fully allocated. Enrolled landowners will be be targeted for Pocono-Kittatinny Cluster (PKC) work where appropriate, and future plans include working more closely with NRCS to direct more funding into the CWF priority areas. Conversations with downstream utilities continue; several partners in addition to CWF are exploring the possibility of creating an even larger Basin-wide source protection funding mechanism.

Coalition for Delaware River Watershed – They are working to summarize the forum held in late October 2013 and begin follow-up activities. Membership in the Coalition is open to non-governmental organizations - see the forms sent out via email, or contact Kim Beidler or Grant LaRouche directly.

Natural Economies –
A team is attending the Appalachian Gateway Communities workshop from February 10-13 and will emerge with an action plan for moving forward on at least some of these issues and ideas. They will report back to the steering committee in March and to the partnership at the April meeting.
One related upcoming event is the Green Tourism Conference on April 7-8, organized by the Delaware Highlands Conservancy.

Communications and outreach – We will be using the web-based forums more frequently to continue discussions about projects and ideas online. You must register as a user and be logged in to comment on forum posts. Any issues or questions, contact Stephanie.

Climate Adaptation Plan & implementation phase – The plan is complete and will be published soon. The link to the full plan has been shared with partners. We are now fundraising to implement the plan and will be reaching out to many of you as partners for work going forward. Please send any funding opportunities, needs, or collaborative project ideas to Stephanie.

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