Grant received from DuPont

Common Waters Fund has been awarded a $10,000 grant from the DuPont Clear Into the Future® Program to support the Fund’s efforts to further scientific understanding of the role forests play in maintaining the high quality and reliable flows of the Delaware River.

“The Delaware River provides drinking water to 16 million people and is key to the region’s economic and ecological vitality, due in large part to the abundant forests in the upper portions of the Basin,” said Pinchot Institute President Al Sample. “While we know these forests are important, we need more detailed information on how losing them will impact water quality in the Delaware River and estuary, as well as effects on the severity of future floods and droughts.”

“Those who depend on the Delaware are realizing how essential the forests in the upper basin are to clean, reliable water,” said Fund Director Stephanie Pendergrass. “This investment from DuPont’s Clear Into the Future® Program will help us better understand the impacts of future forest loss on the River and illuminate the risks shared by all types of water users downstream.”

Recognizing the need for increased conservation in the basin, a remarkable partnership of more than 40 public and non-profit organizations and agencies have come together to support the development of sustainable communities and working landscapes in the Delaware River watershed upstream of the Delaware Water Gap. Called Common Waters, this partnership strives to conserve clean water, natural places, and working lands through cooperation, scientific research, education, and technical assistance by and for the stakeholders of the region.

The Common Waters Fund connects landowners with water users throughout the basin. The goal is to create a long-term “forest to faucet“ relationship that will lead to investments that can ensure high quality water and dependable stream flows for future generations. The Fund is in its second year, and has already protected water quality through many projects that improve the health of forests, help families keep their lands forested, and permanently protect forests with conservation easements.
The Fund prioritizes areas in Delaware River Basin most critically linked to water quality and stream flows. Identification of these areas requires good scientific information and collaboration, which DuPont is helping to support through this grant. By making strategic investments in priority areas of the upper Delaware River basin, the Fund helps all water users minimize the risks and costs associated with water pollution, floods, and drought.