Forest Management Practices Project Ranking Index

Forest Management Practices Total Points Available
Source Water (Index value of 8-10=10 points, Index value of 6-7=5 points, Index value of 4-5=2 points, Index value 3 and below=0 points ) and Ability to Produce Clean Water Ranking (Index value of 20-24=10 points, Index value of 19=5 points, Index value of 16-18=2 points, Index value of 15 or below=0 points) 20
Adjacency of property to a stream (stream on property or directly adjacent to property (e.g. property boundary)=10 points, property within 300 feet of stream=5 points, >300 feet=0 points) 10
Feet of stream frontage on property(>100 feet = 10 points, 50-99 feet=7 points, 25-49 feet =5 points, 5-24 feet=3 points, none=0 points) 10
Located within Tier 1 =20 points, Located within Tier 2=10 points, Located within Tier 3=5 points 20
Size of parcel (5-10 acres 2 points, 11-25 acres 5 points, 26-50 acres 7 points, >50 acres 10 points) 10
Practices are included in existing management plan or amendment (yes 10, no 0). Additional points for practices included in a stewardship plan funded (written or updated) through this program (+5 points). 15
Property is protected or connected with other protected land (yes 5, no 0) 5
Stewardship potential category (High 10 points, medium 7pts, low 4pts, no potential 0 points) 10
Current participation in other forest programs, such as Tree Farm, etc (5 points) 5
Enrolled in or applied for enrollment in preferential tax assessment programs (yes 5 points, no 0) 5
Soil Conditions - erodibility of predominant soil type(s), (highly erodible - variable score out of 5) 5
Slope of project site (variable score out of 5) 5
If receive 5-10 points in Stream Adjacency or Stream Frontage category and are applying for vegetation management using herbicides, subtract 5 points (-5)
If receive between 5-10 points in Stream Adjacency category and are applying for planting, add 5 points (+5)
If receive 5 points for soil condition/highly erodible soils and are applying for Soil Stabilization, Deer Exclusion (fencing), or Planting (trees or buffers) categories, add 5 pts (+5)
Total Possible Score 120